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Passionate about researching and writing compelling stories on topics bizarre and outlandish as well as mundane and everyday.

Staunton State Park offers hiking, biking, rock-climbing, and history all within an hour’s drive of Denver. As we shake off the lethargy of the pandemic, Staunton State Park’s Elk Falls hike is an accessible, challenging, and rewarding day trip away.

Colorado’s newest state park is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

A personal casualty of the pandemic has been my level of physical activity. While some have used this time of lockdowns and social distancing to take up running, yoga, or other healthy habits, I’ve taken a different approach. …

Stories involving the words “mid-air collision” seldom have a happy ending. A high-speed crash of aircraft thousands of feet above the ground usually results in headlines announcing a tragic death toll.

But a recent mid-air collision over Cherry Creek reservoir ended as happily as any air disaster could with all crew and passengers walking away from their heavily damaged airplanes. This happy ending to an accident that could easily have ended in tragedy for those in the air and on the ground is due to skillful piloting and a surprisingly underappreciated piece of aviation safety technology.

At about 10:25 on…

Bent’s Old Fort stands like a castle on the grassy, windswept plains of Eastern Colorado.

When you think of Colorado, your mind likely conjures images of towering, rugged, snow capped peaks; wild, rushing rivers carving their way through deep canyons; and alpine valleys carpeted by colorful forests of aspen.

But, the beauty and grandeur of the Rocky Mountains make only half of Colorado’s story. Some of the old west’s most fascinating stories have played out against the sweeping high plains of eastern Colorado.

You can relive some of that history at Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site. Standing on the banks of the Arkansas River about 3 hours south of Denver outside of the town…

One of the things I find most fascinating about India is its rich and historic relationship with spices. Many of the seasonings we take for granted in our kitchens today come from India. Centuries ago, the quest for Indian spices launched the age of discovery, built empires, and drove colonization.

I want to know more about the colorful and flavorful array of Indian spices, how the Indian people have historically used them, and how they have influenced cultures around the world. This month, we are getting to know a bitter, yet bright and warm spice called turmeric.

Turmeric is best…

I have never been a big tea drinker. As an American, I have always felt it my patriotic duty to give at least 30% of my net paycheck to Big Coffee in exchange for lattes in paper cups mass marketed in standardized distribution points efficiently located no more than 100 yards from any given point on a map of the United States.

I cannot even tie my shoes in the morning without first downing half a pot of coffee while, for me, tea has always been a cold drink I grab at 7–11 while on a hot, summer road trip…

Ray Sorensen

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